Educational Videos

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A Career in Tourism and Contribution to the Field with Prof Alastair Morrison
A Cultural Anthropologist Talks about Tourism with Prof Shinji Yamashita
From Image to Branding to Sustainability with Prof Bill Gartner
From Tracking Tourists to Measuring Arousal with Prof Noam Shoval
Governance and Policy Development with Prof David Simmons
Heritage Tourism – Linking Architecture to Heritage with Prof Maria Gravari Barbaras
How to Nudge Environmental Behavior with Prof Sara Dolnicar
How Tourism transforms Places and Communities with Prof Alison Gill
Linking Tourism Economics to Theory, Practice and Policy with Prof Egon Smeral
Market Segmentation with Prof Sara Dolnicar
Segmenting the Cultural Tourism Market with Prof Bob McKercher
Sustainable Development and the Quest for the Ideal Tourist with Prof Larry Dwyer
The Asian Paradigm with Prof Kaye Chon
The Economics of Tourism with Prof Larry Dwyer
The Founding Father of Tourism Scholarship with Prof Jafar Jafari
The Impact of Distance on Tourism Demand and Behavior with Prof Bob McKercher
The Importance of Meaningful Research with Prof Frederic Dimanche
The Need to Listen when Doing Tourism Research with Prof Peter Williams
Tourism Policy and Planning with Multiple Stakeholders with Prof Peter Williams
Tourism as an Integrated Field of Study with Prof Brian King
Tourism Education with Prof David Airey
urism Impacts and Planning with Prof Geoffrey Wall
Towards Enlightened Mass Sustainable Tourism with Prof David Weaver
Wellbeing Tourism with Prof Muzaffer Uysal
Demand Forecasting and the Need for Innovative Methods with Prof Gang Li